Liberté is import business company.

Liberté is committed to enriching the lives of Japanese people
by bringing them new and exciting products from around the world.

Business content

Importing attractive foreign products to Japan

We travel to international trade fairs and check the international e-commerce market to find the best products from abroad. We negotiate directly with manufacturers and import products that have not yet been seen in Japan.Just as there are many good products in Japan, there are many eye-catching good products around the world.We select the most advanced and interesting products and deliver them to the people of Japan among them.

Good use of crowdfunding

We will create opportunities for many people in Japan to learn about attractive foreign products and enhance the originality of those foreign products in the Japanese market by making good use of crowdfunding, which has been getting more and more attention in recent years. We will offer these new products at a special price before anyone else, by asking Japanese people to support us through crowdfunding. We will support test sales for foreign manufacturers to take their first steps into the Japanese market with minimal risk, by making good use of crowdfunding.

Expansion of sales channels

We aim to sell attractive foreign products in Japanese retail stores. We approach Japanese retailers through Japanese trade fairs.We aim to sell foreign products in the channels where they are most likely to sell well, through in-depth understanding and analysis of the characteristics of foreign products.We also try to make our products available to people all over Japan by collaborating with domestic manufacturers and selling online through e-commerce sites such as Amazon and Yahoo Shopping.

Sales Performance

Sold more than 12,000 units of products on the EC site

We have sold many products, including foreign products.

  • Over 10,000 units of hobby products sold
  • Over 2,000 units of other useful products sold


Xtron Pro

Xtron Pro is a “next-generation programming learning kit” that allows children to learn programming in the process of creating games. It will contribute to children’s programming learning.

●Xtron Pro on Makuake

Business Partner

Alliance with Mr. Otake to strengthen import business

Hideaki Otake

The best partner for promoting your product in Japan.
CEO of YUBIKEN General Incorporated Association

  • Trade company: Running a trading company for 13 years
  • Consultant: Import business consultant in Japan for 9 years
  • Crowdfunding: Partnered with Makuake, Gueenfunding, Campfire
  • Exceeds more than 500 projects / 11.7 million dollars
  • Retailers relationship: Big Camera, Tokyu Hands, Loft and so on
  • https://yubi-ken.com/en/


  • 2020.06.01   Start of product sales business
  • 2021.07.01   Hired Hideaki Otake as a consultant to further strengthen the import business.






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